B2-Fix PU 3000 Injection Chemical

RM 400.00
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B2-Fix PU3000 is a single component flexible pre-polymerized polyurethane water reactive foam. This injectable hydrophilic polyurethane water-stop resin reacts to water to form a high solid elastic foam. When B2-Fix PU3000 comes in contact with water, the expanding polyurethane foam would create a pressurised foam material that work immediately to seal the leakage passage. The polyurethane foam would form a permanent elastic material to seal off and water-tight the leaking area. The foaming time is dependent on the surrounding temperature and the amount of water in the leak. With its’ high density foam and low viscosity characteristic properties, this excellent quality Polyurethane Grout can be used in sea water retaining structure as well.
  • High adhesion properties
  • Elastic & permanent after cured
  • No shrinkage
  • Non- toxic when cured
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Suitable for wet and dry conditions
  • Easy Application.
  • No plasticiser as diluent which would likely decrease the bonding of PU to concrete, which is the causes the grouted area to LEAK AGAIN!

B2-Fix PU3000 area of usage to seal water leakage normally in building concrete structure such as :

  • Flexible joint leakage part
  • Leakage in concrete structure with movement.
  • Underground manhole structure
  • Tunnel
  • Dam & Basement
  • Water Retaining Structure
Technical Characteristics
Specific Gravity
1.12±0.06 @25°C
>= 100%
Gel Time
13 sec. @25°C
Foaming Time
180 sec @25°C
250±50 @25°C
Expansion Rate
Tensile Strength
≥5.00 kg/cm2


SHELF LIFE (un-open): Six (6) months

  1. Identify the leakage line or area.
  2. At about 40 – 50mm away from the leaking spot, use a hammer driller to drill to the depth of at least 100mm of concrete at 45° or less to intersect the crack line. Make sure it’s drill bit size is the same diameter as the injection packer.
  3. Remove all dust and residue from the drilled hole by using hand operated air blower or piped water.
  4. Install injection packer and start to inject B2-Fix PU3000 using a hand pump or electric grout machine.
  5. Inject the PU Grout and maintain the pressure at 5000psi for a few minutes before proceeding to next grouting point.
  6. Remove packer after the material is set and plug holes with patching mortar to make good.


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