Bitumas - Syncoat Penetration Sealer

RM 350.00
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Syncoat Penetration Sealer - Non-film Forming Hydrophobic and Impregnation Sealer For Porous Or Absorbent Substrates.

Syncoat Penetration Sealer is a penetrating sealer through in-depth sealing by in-surface hydrophobic and subsurface pore filling crystallization actions.

This product is designed principally for sealing concrete and natural stones. On application, it is absorbed rapidly, sealing the surface of the substrate. Water beneath the surface of the substrate that comes into contact with the active ingredients of Syncoat Penetration Sealer will cause deeper penetration into the pores and become crystallized, providing in-depth sealing. When sufficient quantities of Syncoat Penetration Sealer with adequate curing, this product provides rapid protection and will continue as long as there is presence of salts and moisture in the substrate.

Waterproofing and Damp sealing of:
  • Fair –face structural concrete
  • Nature stones and clays
  • Clay and cement bricks
  • Concrete roof and car park deck (primary sealing)
  • Concrete road and bridge decks
  • Cement fibre boards (improves surface strength)
  • Walls and column rising dampness
  • Blocks water by hydrophobic and crystallization actions
  • Abrasion resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Will not support algae or fungi growth(contains mild antibiotic)
  • Stops water on those substrates with fine hairline cracks.
  • Concrete
  • Natural stones and clays
  • Clay and cement bricks
  • Cement fibre boards
  • Masonry walls and columns



All surfaces must be free from dirt, dust grease and laitance.(high pressure water jetting is recommended.) Previous layers of paint can be removed by mechanical means i.e. scrapper, wet grit blasting or needle hammer. Fill cracks with appropriate material before coating. Allow surface to dry until no free water is observed.


Apply using low pressure spray, roller of brush, liberally without ponding. On surface drying but damp, after approximately 15 minutes to an hour, apply the second coat. Allow coated substrate to dry for 24 hours.

The initial treatment takes effect immediately. Treated substrates require no future treatment; however strong detergent will reduce the hydrophobic effect and may require another treatment.

Clear free flowing liquid
Drying Time
<1 hour @25 degrees Celsius, 65@RH on dry concrete
Effective Cure Time
24 to 48 hours (full cure takes 1 month)
Application Temperature
10 to 60 degrees Celsius(substrate surface temperature)
Recommended Application Rate
4 to 5m2 per litre in one or two coats
UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Resistance to all inorganic chemicals except NaOH and KOH/Partial Soluble in solvent

Syncoat Penetration Sealer is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre pail.


Tools and application equipment can be cleaned with water immediately after use.


Under normal use, this product does not pose any health hazard. However, as a precaution, gloves and safety goggles should be worn when handling this product.


Bitumas recommend pre-testing Syncoat Penetration Sealer with the building materials to which the Syncoat Penetration Sealer will be applied.


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