Bostik - High Performance Acrylic Additive For Water Resistant And Mortar Strengthening Additive

RM 180.00
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High performance acrylic additive for water resistant and mortar strengthening additive

Hydroment 425 is a high performance acrylic additive and mortar strengthening additive for cement based adhesive and Drytile Grout / Ceramic Tile Filler.

This product is used to replace with water that normally added into cement based adhesive or other thinset / mediumset mortars and sanded / unsanded colour groutts.

The use of Hydroment 425 will further improve the adhesion, flexibility and water resistance of thinset / mediumset mortars and colour grouts to serve the requirement in many areas of residential, commercial buildings, factories, warehouse and etc.

Typical installations including high traffic areas such as podiums, lift lobbies, service bays, platforms and vehicular wash areas. Other strength critical areas are swimming pools and outdoor installation.

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