Sika - Antisol E - Concrete Curing Membrane

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Antisol-E is an emulsified paraffin based curing membrane. It is ready-for-use and simple to apply. Antisol-E will form a thin film, covering the surface of the concrete to prevent premature water loss due to evaporation.


Antisol-E is used mainly for structural concrete surfaces where subsequent surface treatments will not be required, for example fair-faced concrete. Antisol-E is sprayed onto newly laid concrete surfaces to form a thin film barrier against premature water loss. Without disturbance to the normal setting action, the concrete is then allowed to cure and achieve maximum physical properties. Antisol-E is especially suitable for trafficable surfaces and in large areas of exposed concrete, such as:

  • Highways
  • Runways and taxiways
  • Aprons and hardstandings
  • Roof decks
  • Retaining walls
  • Pre-stressed beams and piers
  • Precast elements
Antisol-E provides the following beneficial properties to concrete surfaces:
  • Reduces incidences of plastic cracking
  • Enables achievement of desired strengths
  • Minimises shrinkage
  • Reduces dusting
  • Replaces inconvenient curing methods such as hessian-watering, etc.

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