Sika - SikaFibre

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Synthetic fibres for concrete and mortar

  • Sikafibre is based on specially treated polypropylene. They are added to reduce shrinkage cracking in the plastic stage.
  • Monofilament for wet batch mixes (> 35mm slump)
  • Airport apron and car park slabs
  • Concrete and mortar subjected to impact loads
  • Concrete needing high cohesion such as extruded concrete or when laying concrete on a gradient
  • Thin applications of shortcrete or gunite
  • Precast concrete to decrease demoulding time
  • Screed, plaster, etc

Due to their fineness and special surface treatment, SikaFibre can be easily dispersed in the concrete or mortar and create a dense matrix that leads to:

  • Improved cohesiveness of the fresh concrete
  • Reduction of shrinkage cracks
  • Increased resistance to impact loads
  • Reduced concrete permeability
  • Resistance to slab curling
  • Improved fire damaged properties

Appearance / Colour – White Polypropylene fibres with surface agent

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Packaging – Soluble 600gm bags pre-dosed for 1m² of concrete or mortar

1 kg