Sika - Sikaset - Low Shrinkage Accelerator

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SikaSet® is a concentrated solution of accelerating, plasticizing and shrinkage- reducing agents. It may be used with standard or high early strength Portland cement, including white cement or blends of sand and cement.


SikaSet® is a low shrinkage accelerator for Portland cement. It produces fast setting, low shrinkage, high strength concrete, toppings, dry pack mortar and grout. SikaSet® mortar is also used to set, bond, embed, grout surface or repair veneers, slabs, terrazzo, floors, walls, hooks, etc., for marble, limestone, granite and natural or artificial stone.

Characteristics / Advantages

With SikaSet® the initial set of Portland cement can be controlled through a range from just a few minutes to several hours. A 1:3 or 1:5 solution of SikaSet® and water will allow extended time for mixing and placing, while a more concentrated solution is used for accelerated construction progress. SikaSet® mortar is cohesive and provides good adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces. Both early and ultimate compressive strengths are greater than strengths obtained with conventional cement accelerators.

Mix temperature should be +10° C or higher to take full advantage of accelerating actions. SikaSet® should not be used for reinforced and prestressed concrete, concrete containing embedded aluminium conduit or window frames, nor concrete fill placed on metal pan flooring systems. Due to the many variables encountered in concrete placements, trial mixes should always be made with the same materials to be used on the actual project. Actual conditions should be simulated as closely as possible to determine the correct proportions of SikaSet® in order to provide the required setting time and strength.

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